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The International Symposium on Oil Shale Exploration and Utilization will bring together scholars and professionals in the academic field and industry from all over the world to share their research experience and to explore research collaboration in the area of oil shale engineering.

The Symposium will consist of a two days’ Main Symposium (December 13-14, 2014) and a Field Trip (December 15-17, 2014).The theme of the international academic symposium will focus on exploration and exploitation technology of oil shale. Domestic and foreign experts and scholars will be invited to introduce their latest research results in the field of oil shale, and make extensive exchanges on the exploitation technology of oil shale in Jilin Province, China. It’s an international forum for scientists and engineers, researchers and consultants, theoreticians and practitioners in this field, and it is believed that this conference will greatly promote the development of oil shale exploration and utilization around the world.



²  Underground in-situ conversion technologies for oil shale

²  Oil shale retorting and power generation technologies

²  Comprehensive utilization technologies for oil shale

²  Oil shale resources assessment and environmental protection during utilization

²  Underground in-situ conversion and comprehensive utilization technologies for oil shale resources in Jilin Province.

Field Trip

²  Visit to oil shale retorting factory and power plant in Fushun, China



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